You want to use popular music in your project
How to do it legally?




To clear the rights,
you need to:
  • identify the rights holder and obtain their contact information
  • reach out to them to get permission for the use and discuss the fee
  • enter into a licensing agreement on the rights to use the music
  • use the composition only within the scope of such agreement





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Music licensing can be applied across various business sectors:


Media and Entertainment

Music is used in the film industry, television, advertising, video games, radio, and TV programs to create atmosphere, amplify emotions, and capture the audience's attention

Trade and Retail

Musical compositions can enhance the ambiance in stores, restaurants, and cafes to attract more customers

Technological Platforms

Streaming services, mobile applications, internet platforms, and social networks all utilize music to enrich the user experience

Events and Concerts

Event organizers license music for use during concerts, festivals, sports events, and other public events

Content Production

Video bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, and other content creators can use music to improve the quality of their content and attract audiences

Public Spaces

Music can be used in public places such as hotels, gyms, and parks to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for visitors

Technological Developments

Companies developing audio technology, sound equipment, or software can also leverage music for demonstrating and testing their products

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