Collaborating with More Music ensures the protection of your rights and guarantees compensation for their use



We provide the following services:


Distribution on platforms - we place your music on global and local online platforms and services (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Hitter, and others) and ensure global access to your works.

We help to monetize your music on digital platforms, providing opportunities for earning through streaming and downloading. We recommend your music for use in commercial and creative projects, thus ensuring income from synchronization.

We assist in the registration and management of copyright, control the use of your music and the receipt of royalties. We help to prevent the unauthorized use of your works and obtain compensation if your rights are infringed.

We foster the expansion of your audience through the availability of your music on multiple platforms, thus attracting new listeners. We recommend your releases to playlists and editorial selections.

Collaborating with More Music allows you to avoid being tied to major music labels. You retain full control over your works and the rights to them. We respect independent creativity and do not seek to influence it.

We provide analytics and reporting on playbacks, downloads, audience, and income, helping you understand how your works are perceived by the public. We assist in creating your own promotion strategy and communication with the audience.

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