Synchronization and Licensing
We promote our music catalog for use in movies, television, and advertising
We provide services for acquiring music licenses from other rights holders
We are partners with film companies, production studios, and advertising agencies




Music Distribution on Digital Platforms
We collaborate with aggregators, content providers, and mobile operators



Our works are available on mobile showcases of all mobile operators, as well as on platforms, such as Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, TikTok, Instagram, Yandex Music, Deezer,, Zvooq, and others


Rights Management, Copyright, and Related Rights Protection
We promptly register rights to works and phonograms
We have direct contractual relationships with collective management organizations
We control the distribution and payment of royalties




Music Licensing for Any Projects
We provide exclusive musical content and licenses to be used lawfully on air and ground transport
We assist in providing music for commercial and social projects
We provide legal support and consulting

Request for Use
We will help you choose a piece of
work or get the license


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